Are you looking for a comfortable men's underwear solution that also looks great? With the release of Underwear For Men's  Gen 4 product line of briefs and boxer briefs. A feature we introduced to our customer base is the viscose/bamboo material option. UFM viscose/bamboo is made from 95% bamboo (viscose) and 5% spandex briefs and boxer briefs. You get the feeling of cotton but the benefit of a moisture wicking fabric that doesn't chafe your manhood. All of our mens underwear comes with an adjustable pouch. The pouch gently supports and isolates your manhood. Try UFMs new bamboo underwear today! James D., a Gen 4 reviewer, says, "An enthusiastic two thumbs up for the bamboo Gen 4 boxer briefs. Also, the fabric is unbeatably soft and the new design for the pouch is roomier and much more smashing! And my wife loves the look! Thanks again UFM, you truly understand!"

How Is Bamboo (Viscose) Made?

The more popular method of using bamboo in fabric manufacturing is the viscose method. Bamboo/viscose takes bamboo plant pulp and puts it through mechanical spinners to create a fiber. This fiber is strong and made into a type of yarn. After, the yarn created gets used in our men's underwear. When you hear or read bamboo (viscose) on a tag, this means the fiber is manufactured from bamboo cellulose. Finally, the bamboo/viscose distinction is clear!

Benefits of Viscose/BambooBlack-Boxer-Briefs-6-Inch-Viscose-FRONT

When you purchase a pair of UFMs bamboo underwear, you reap the benefits of one of the strongest and softest fibers ever made. After a considerable amount of research, our design engineers invested resources in a viscose (bamboo)/spandex iteration of our product. In addition, All UFM products support your manhood. We have an exclusive, US patented and Intl patents pending pouch design unlike any other option on the market. With the introduction of UFMs viscose/bamboo men's underwear, we now offer a cotton-like underwear option that also wicks moisture. Comfort comes from a material that feels like cotton and cools your body. Boxer briefs and briefs from Underwear For Men containing viscose provide the wearer with benefits including:

  • Odor  Resistance Keeps You Free of Smell During a Hectic Workday
  • Regulating Your Temperature So You Stay Comfortable All Day
  • Soft and Smooth Texture That Enhances Your Look
  • Cotton-like Feel Stays Comfortable in Any Situation
  • Colorfastness and Easy Care
  • Being Naturally Hypoallergenic for Men Looking to Stay Cooler

In a recent review, a Gen 4 briefs wearer said, "Sizing is perfect. Comfort and relief of senior sag was immediate. I'm a big guy byt the 42'' fit perfectly. NO MORE PROBLEMS!" 

Gen 4 briefs

Our Bamboo Underwear Styles & Colors

Now available in briefs and boxer briefs, we improved upon our already innovative design. From the start, our company is committed to assessing our products while also listening to customer feedback concerning previous generations. Now, we offer both briefs and 6 inch boxer briefs with a viscose blend in combination with polyester. Gen 4 UFMs come with 95% Viscose (Bamboo) and 5% Polyester. This material update is great for men. The cottony feel provides comfort while also having adjustable support. Try our bamboo underwear in sizes for guys up to 2X (46''). Sizes come as small as XS (24-26''). Currently, bamboo briefs are available in black, red, and gray. Royal blue is coming soon. Bamboo boxer briefs are also available in black, red, and gray.  Also, royal blue is coming soon. Ready to feel comfortable in your men's underwear? Make the switch to Underwear For Men's viscose/bamboo underwear.