Urologists Support Adjustable Pouch Underwear For Men

Urologists Support Adjustable Pouch Underwear For Men

UFM Men's Underwear is recommended by Urologists as support underwear for Incontinence, Inflammation, Scrotal Sag, and Post Surgery. Join the UFM Referral Program!

UFM Men's Underwear is recommended by Urologists as support underwear for Incontinence, Inflammation, Scrotal Sag, and Post Surgery. Get discounts for your patients by joining the UFM Referral Program!

Jacksonville, FL – Underwear For Men, a leader in developing innovative men’s underwear products, meets annually with Urologists from around the world to discuss the medical benefits of UFM Men's Underwear. These meetings take place at various medical events, including the American Urology Association’s annual conference.

Urologists discovered that Underwear For Men’s US patented and Intl patents pending technology:

  • Provides excellent comfort and support;
  • Improves patient compliance when directed to wear support underwear;
  • Elevates self-esteem and improves quality of life; and
  • Delivers long-term value for every patient.

“I am always looking for innovative products that improve the quality of life for my patients,” said a Urologist in Sarasota, FL who is on the cutting edge of non-invasive prostate surgeries and cancer treatments. “When I saw UFM’s support underwear product, I immediately recognized the benefits for post-prostate surgery and men who wear incontinence guards.”

Since the conference, more Urologists are recommending UFM briefs and boxer briefs for:

  • Inflammation: Hydrocele, Varicocele, Epidymitis, other;
  • Post-Surgery: Protect sutures after vasectomy;
  • Incontinence: Locks incontinence guards in place. No more leaking due to male guards shifting; and
  • Scrotal Sag: Comfortable and stylish solution to keep the patient comfortable and supported.

“Immediately following the conference, I recommended Underwear For Men to a patient to wear following his vasectomy,” said a Naturopathic Doctor in New York, NY that places a major focus on educating men about holistic urology and important men’s health issues. “The adjustable pouch is uniquely designed to prevent pulling on the sutures.”

Underwear For Men offers three Patient Referral Programs. Some Urologists prefer to:

  1. Stock Underwear For Men in their office;
  2. Refer their patients to a local pharmacy; or
  3. Refer their patients to UFM’s online store.

For every doctor that enrolls in the Referral Program, Underwear For Men provides patient education materials and product discounts (discount card example below).

doctor discount card example

“We are thrilled with the interest we receive from both domestic and international Urologists about our Patient Referral Program,” said John Polidan, CEO, Underwear For Men. “Our international warehouses allow us to delivery UFMs to their patients quickly, in 1-2 days, so they are ready to put on post surgery.”

For more information on UFM and the products recommended for Medical uses, visit: UFM Medical

You can view the official press release announcing our referral program here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/urologists-support-ufms-innovative-adjustable-pouch-underwear-for-men-300284129.html

To sign up for the Patient Referral Program, contact us here.

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