1. What To Wear For A Comfortable Workout Session?

    Everybody dream for a perfect body, but it can only be achieved by sweating it out in the gym. While a majority of people believe that time and motivation are the two most important factors that will keep you going to achieve that 6 pack abs, they are probably wrong. Every man must have a pair of well-fitted underwear to meet the requirements of his body during the workout session.

    Spending long time in the gym exercising means that you will face a lot of problems. A couple of them include:

  2. UFM – Best Option For Those Whose Job Want Them To Be Active

    A majority of modern workers look for a job that helps them to stay fit and active even during their working hours. For them, a 9 to 5 job is not their cup of tea. If you also find this situation similar to your owns, you may have a job that keeps you on your toes even in hot and humid climate. So are you dealing with chafing, heat generation, sticking of the balls to your thighs or funky smell? If yes, you may be looking forward to buy a pair of perfect underwear that will help you deal with these problems.

  3. Boxer Briefs from UFM: State of the Art Underwear Technology

    Underwear For Men, more commonly known as UFM, has developed a patent-pending conduit system for men's underwear. Simply put -- we have made an adjustable pouch pair of men's underwear. Our company makes briefs and boxer briefs for men in favor of a better underwear solution. The design features used in the Underwear For Men brand all work together to increase your comfort, provide you with support, and fit your body as it should. In a world where technology consistently is updated, why not reap the benefits of improved underwear technology? Your manhood will certainly thank you.

  4. My balls stick to my legs, will this underwear help?

    Yes, this underwear was made specifically to solve that problem. When wearing UFM Underwear, your balls will no longer stick to your legs.

  5. Will I have to adjust my underwear throughout the day?

    No, but you can. Everything from the fabric to the placement of the conduit system has been very carefully designed. Adjust the conduit when you put the underwear on and it won't stretch or wear out. One of the best features of UFM Underwear is the adjustability option. If you are going to work, you may want to wear the conduit loose. If you are getting ready to work out or go for a jog, you may want to tighten it. Adjustability is an option.

  6. Press & Media

    If you are a member of the press and need more information about UFM Underwear, please contact us at

  7. Returns & Exchanges

    For health and sanitation reasons we do not accept returns or exchanges.

  8. UFM Mens Underwear

    UFM Men’s Underwear features US patented and Intl patents pending, adjustable men’s underwear that allows for wearer-specific isolation, comfort, and support. A conduit system has been installed along the natural hem line of the underwear – the conduit can’t be seen from the outside and it can’t be felt from the inside. Simply pull the strings and stop when you have achieved your desired level of comfort.

  9. Men's Enhancing Underwear

    Demand a big impression with men's enhancing underwear from UFM. While our men's underwear has a number of functional features, it also makes your body look great while you wear it. If you switch to UFM, your partner will notice right away that your manhood is accentuated in the briefs and boxer briefs. With the adjustable pouch, all you need is to simply tie the drawstring and you get support with an updated look. Our pouch underwear enhances your look but isn't just men's enhancing underwear.

  10. UFM Boxer Briefs Presents: Mens Spandex Underwear

    When you think of spandex, you likely think of a tight material that accentuates your body. Underwear For Men uses high technology fabrics designed to suit a man's needs. From the selection of moisture-wicking materials to adding a fabric that can be washed with ease, Underwear For Men suits every guy. We considered the needs of a man, the common issues men face, and the popularity of certain designs in the selection of our men's underwear materials. Our adjustable pouch boxer briefs include a small percentage of spandex in their construction. Spandex provides a number of advantages to suit a man, whether he is wearing our brand for sport, everyday, medical, or work purposes.


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