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John Polidan, CEO
UFM Underwear For Men

UFM Athletic Underwear is manufactured by UFM Underwear For Men. UFM Underwear For Men is an American-owned company that manufactures and sells innovative, premium men’s underwear.

Why Men’s Underwear?

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, so does our CEO, John Polidan, a retired executive from the packaging and manufacturing industry. It has always been on Polidan’s bucket list to take a company from a concept to a household name.

As a consumer, Polidan had been searching for years to find athletic underwear offering support that would last, and keep the man parts from chafing. Polidan liked to stay active and suffered from a hydrocele, which caused discomfort and chafing when he stood or walked.

After trying every brand on the market, Polidan saw the opportunity for innovation in an industry that desperately needed it.

When the concept for the adjustable pouch’s original design came across his desk, he knew that with his background, this was a concept he could turn into a household name. With the launch of every generation, Polidan uses his experience as an engineer and a man to continue to improve the design.

Every Pair of Athletic Underwear Includes Our US patented and Intl patents pending
Design and Innovative Product Features

  • The drawstrings adjust to isolate and support.
  • The mesh pouch cools and comforts.
  • The tailored fit won’t rub or chafe.
  • The fabrics are lightweight and breathable.
  • The fabrics wick sweat and dry fast.
  • The waistband is sized to fit a man’s waist.


Available in Briefs, Boxer Briefs 6",
and Boxer Briefs 9"

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